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Why small business needs a website?

Check out the 7 reasons WHY a small business need a website!

1. Website save a lot of time

Whatever business you have, website is a platform to answer all the questions from your customers.

It always takes time to answer questions via phone or email which frequently can be found in website. The time you save here can now be a time for you to grow your business.

2. 30% of consumers wont consider a business without website

As the internet user is increasing, consumers expects every business would have a website or online presence. They will consider a business without website as less professional business

3. Online consumers are searching for your online

According to bluecorona, 97% of consumers go online to find a business, and 93% of online experiences begin with search engine.

And right now, there is someone in your area is searching the same services as you provide, but definitely NOT YOU!

4. Social Media Reach is diminishing

When you think you don't need a website, because you have Facebook page? You are wrong here! As Facebook keep on updating their algorithm, organic reach plummeted lower than it was already!

While social media help to grow your business, don't fully rely it as it is your sole marketing channel, in future, the organic reach might get lower and lower!

5. Website never closed. As long as you have the e-commerce component, customer can make their order anytime

The website is there for 24/7. It sells and promote your products and services all the time. Many people is doing research after work, and your business is on going even though you are off from office.

6. Leverage a powerful marketing channel

Now, your website act as a digital "home" of your business and its the platform where you can completely in control of the message you would like to deliver.

No matter how active you are on your social media, nothing can replace the power of your business website. With the presence of website, you can promote your website online which is more cost-effective than traditional marketing.

Whereby traditional marketing is:

- Less interactive

- limited customization

- poor measurement

For more details about the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, click here

You will know how important is a website to a business after comparing them.

7. Collect data and convert them into potential customers

With the presence of website, you can now collecting the data such as email address for lead generation or collection feedback for improvement.

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