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How I Start My Freelancing Journey

Honestly, I never thought of working as a freelancer before.

The reasons why I enjoy working as an employee:

1. Less stress. Since I was only a visual designer, I may not need to in charge on the company's future plans, financial issues, handling sales and etc..

2. Stable income. Money is important to secure our daily commitments. By having a stable income meant a lot to me, as I don't really want to take any risk in making a living. And of course, earning extra bonus and increments after each of the employee's evaluation motivates me.

3. Teamwork. I am a people person. I love mixing around with my colleagues, enjoy teamwork spirits and I always look up to my seniors and mentors. To me, It is always a great adventures and learnings when everyone strike on the same mission!

The list can go on, BUT...these are the facts that I truly missed about being employed. To be honest, I don't really have any problems with all my superiors/bosses or even clients/customers. In fact, I'm grateful to be grown well. =)

Okie, so here's how I've started my freelancing journey:

1. Economy downturn. It is no doubt that almost every company is facing a very hard times. As an employee, our ability is limited.

2. Since then, I found that I want to be responsible on my own income. How much I put on my hard work need to be equal to how much I want to earn, regardless on the economy factors.

3. And by turning in to 30's, I think I am ready to explore this new journey. It will be a challenge and yet I know I want to be better.

So, I am, embark my new journey!


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